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Taken from the excellent Dirty Dike album ‘Sucking On Prawns in the Moonlight’ myself aka Photosbyghost made the video for the track ‘Prawns’. Dirty Dike has gained an almost cult like following over the past 10 years with some top class UK Hip Hop and crazy videos.

Going back a year ago i saw he was coming to Melbourne so i got in touch and the video for ‘Prawns’ was born. Dike had the initial concept and i fleshed out the idea for what you see in the video. Over the short time i’ve been making videos, my favourite ideas are the ones that are more than just ‘cool’ visuals. I like my videos where possible to have substance, that will leave you thinking about the video after you’ve watched it. This is something of an art, and the more videos i make the better i’m getting and telling these types of stories in the way i want them to be seen.

The video was shot over several days during the day and night and also required extra days shooting to make up some more b roll. I’d scouted quite a few locations for shooting and spent time at each of the locations around the times we’d planned to film so i could see exactly what sort of light we’d get if we filmed at certain times. Locations were spread out right across Melbourne so i had planned travel times well in advance as well in order to film at the times i wanted to film.

Although i didn’t storyboard this video i made quite a detailed creative brief to send to them so they knew exactly what we were doing as well. I also advertised for some extras and they did a great job playing potential prawn clients.

photosbyghost dirty dike

Dirty Dike and myself after the video shoot

This was the first video i’d used my Black Magic Pocket Camera for, i’d had it for a couple of months by the the time i shot this video and had been learning how best to shoot with it. I filmed it in all PRO RES. I wasn’t fully confident at this stage to shoot a video all in RAW so felt PRO RES would be a better option. I used my SLR Magic 12mm for all shots, at this stage i didn’t have another lens that worked with the bmpcc either as i’d spent my money on the camera, lens and shoulder rig. I used a gini rig as well as glidecam HD1000 for the majority of the shot. I was also careful to pick locations where light was about as i only had 1 small LED available to me. Some of the tracking shots you see in the video were me hanging out of car  windows or sat in the boot with the boot open. When you’re on a budget you gotta do what you gotta do to get the job done.

All in all it was great fun, Dike and Sammy were very open to to everything, worked hard as i directed them, and were a pleasure to work with and hang out with whilst we filmed. It’s been a quick and steep learning curve for me switching from music production to video and this was the first video i thought i really started to show what i was capable of achieving.

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