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Very happy that the Beatnick Dee – This Ain’t A Love Song video i filmed and coloured, directed and edited by Zoe Andrikidis has been released. Shot on location in Los Angeles and Joshua Tree it was a lot of fun to be involved with.

This was only the 2nd video i’d filmed entirely with my Black Magic Pocket Cinema Camera. I decided to shoot a lot of the footage RAW and for the most part things went very well. I have the external battery charger and monitor to help with filming, wouldn’t be able to make things like this happen any other way.

I met Beatnick Dee a long time ago but had always had the odd chat with him over the years as we’d both been hip hop producers. It was only when i was going to the states for a few weeks did we connect again and start talking about videos.

By this point i had returned to Melbourne and i went about the process of making proxies to send to LA for them to edit. It was then i discovered the only issue i encountered over the filming a couple of dropped frames on a few of the shots. I put this down to the heat, it was pretty hot when we were filming. 

I searched the internet high and low and found a programme that re numbered the frames, which was a lifesaver. To use it i had to transfer the files from my mac to my PC (which i never use), run the fix program and transfer the files back to my mac. That took 3/4 days as the process of transferring large RAW files was very slow.

Beatnick Dee

After i’d managed to fix those files i made proxies of the RAW files to send them back to Los Angeles for editing, after they’d finished the edit they sent me an xml and a reference video so i could bring the files back into Resolve to colour.  Amazing to think how easily this sort of job can be accomplished nowadays. 

When colouring i tried a couple of palette’s before the director settled on something she liked the look of and i finished colouring. I only really stumbled across one other issue while colouring and that was one shot from the beach. When we arrived in Santa Monica beach the sunrise was already starting and by the last shot the change in light was massive, we had to can a few of the last shots as they just didn’t fit.

Beatnick Dee

The video was shot over 2 days so we didn’t have an awful lot of time but when time and budgets are tight you make it work! 

The video features actress Scarlett Rose Patterson and dancer Danielle Santos, who were great value and look amazing in the finished video. Beatnick Dee’s new album is out now and is called Creative Medicine, you should go hunt that down and check it out, it’s a good Hip Hop album.

Beatnick Dee

Beatnick Dee

And don’t forget, if you’re looking to get a video made, please get in touch via the contact form via the front page of the website


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