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It’s been 5 years since i released an album but now my new album Ghost Shards of Memories is available to buy on Bandcamp and iTunes.

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Buy Shards of Memories on Bandcamp click this link … click me!!!

I chose to release this album on today, the 18th April as it will mark the 10 year anniversary, almost to the week, of my debut album release, Seldom Seen Often Heard.

10 YEARS! This new album, Shards of Memories, is my 4th solo album in 10 years. I rarely stop to look back at past achievements or ever get complacent about what i’ve been able to do with music. I imagine that if i did, or when people do, this is the first step downhill towards mediocrity. Ii’d rather retire than put out sub standard creative content. Whether you like my music or not i have no doubt that my new album is still of a high enough standard to put out into the public domain, in fact i’m sure this is some of my best work.

Ghost Shards of Memories

So much has changed since the release of my debut album in 2006. That album was released on double vinyl, CD and digital, just before the rapid demise of CD and vinyl sales. The industry has changed so much,  you didn’t have social media to promote to. You relied on getting reviews and features in magazines to promote your music.

Ghost Shards of Memories DJMagMay09

These days having a following on social media outlets is possibly more important than any promotion you could pay for. I find that Ironic cause most of the really creative people i know (including myself) don’t really spend a lot of time on social media. I would always rather be creating or spending time with family than sitting on facebook or twitter. But, it is what it is and i missed the boat with social media to a large extent. I realised that i had to do something within the digital world otherwise i would of probably given up like a lot of the older producers i know of. I set up my bandcamp and i’m lucky i still have a lot of people who buy my old music through it. Through the bandcamp i’ve released a bunch of smaller projects just to keep my presence out there.

In 2008 i moved to New Zealand after i had already finished my 2nd album Freedom of Thought, and i’d made the Invisible Inc project with Verb T and Kashmere. I was pretty exhausted and I was over music at that time, i needed to do something different. I’ve always listened to a lot of different music even though Hip Hop has been the mainstay since i was a little yoot. Some of the first tunes i ever made were jungle tunes! So coming to New Zealand was a way to give me some breathing room and create some different music.

I still have a lot of those sessions on my old computer, i made everything from house to dubstep to some rave dnb stuff! After enjoying time doing that i started to see my 3rd album Postcards From The Edge come together. I still wanted to keep it within Hip Hop and it ended up being a much more electronic Hip Hop album with a few features, big thanks to Foreign Beggars and Aeryz.

Shards of Memories started to come into my mind in about 2012. I had a track or 2 i’d started and the break of being away from the UK and the music scene in general had a positive effect on where i was mentally with music. I’d had a couple of productive beat making sessions thinking about the new album when not only did my 2nd child arrive, my missus was diagnosed with a rare cancer. The next year and a half is still a blur. I somehow managed to make a 6 track EP A Tale of Life and released it via my bandcamp. This was a one off spur of the moment project based around what was going on in life at that time. When that was finished i doubted i’d be able to make music again as that project was so real. Wasn’t sure if i could ever get that motivated to finish something again. Another year passes and the missus has surgery and is now several years in remission.

A Tale of Life in VI Parts web

As if that wasn’t enough to contend with, 2 kids, a sick missus, we found out my eldest son was High Functioning Autistic. For those of you who aren’t aware about Autism and the many different places a child can be on the spectrum, our son isn’t obviously Autistic to look at. You wouldn’t think anything was different about him if you saw him in the street or met him briefly. But he requires a lot of coaching emotionally and socially. Since he was 3 years old we have worked ourselves into zombies in order to improve his speech. He was non verbal until he was about 3 and a half. He’s now 6 and has started at a regular school in a specialised classroom with other high functioning ASD kids. A lot of these kids aren’t obviously seen as different but they are. They learn differently and many need a lot of help  to understand the world around them.

So after all that I found my motivation again and had 3/4 good beat making sessions where a lot of the album beats came from. I was and am still tired as fuck!

The last chunk the album was completed after i caught up with Jehst in Melbourne 2 years ago. Seeing someone i knew and catching up with him reminded me that i needed to finish what i had started. I wasn’t about to let all that work i had put in amount to nothing.

It’s crazy that since i finished the last album and completed this one i’ve also learnt to be a cameraman/director/editor/visual fx artist and now freelance doing those thing. Please look around the website to see my work. It also seemed only right that i make the videos to release with the album. I decided to make 3 very different videos to compliment the album. One is a 3d parallex effect of moments over the past 5 years. All photoshopped and then animated in after effects. One is a stock standard type of music video and the last is a short film style video.

Here is the first video from Shards of Memories album ‘Worship’

Shards of Memories is the track featuring Cappo and it’s the perfect name for the album. A collection of often blurred memories from the past 5 or so years.

Let me thank all he artists for taking the time to be involved, Cappo, Joker Starr, Verb T, Lethal Dialect, G.I, Efeks, Kal Sereousz, Aeryz, Benny Diction, Brad Strut.

Let me thank Telemachus aka Chemo for the mastering, wait til you see the video i put together for him in exchange! Let me thank Will Barras and Stendec for the amazing art work. It seemed only right as the 10 year anniversary of my debut album that i ask the same guy to do the art for this album, i can’t thank them enough.

Let me thank the most my family for putting up with me being grumpy a lot from lack of sleep trying to complete the music and videos.

Final thoughts, why am i telling you all of this in a blog post? I’m not entirely sure. If this whole experience has taught me anything it’s thats you don’t give up on things. You see see things through, and even when life throws all manner or curve balls your way, you pick yourself up, dust yourself down and get back on it. The other thing is to be bloody stubborn about your chosen art, don’t let people tell you what you should be doing, don’t accept second best, and work hard : )


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